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IB Learners strive to be...


Curious! They get the skills to learn things for themselves. They like to learn.


They explore concepts and ideas that are important to them and to the whole world. They learn lots of things in lots of areas.


They think for themselves to make decisions and be creative when solving problems.


They understand and express ideas and information confidently, creatively, and in more than one language.

They work well with others.


They are honest, fair and show respect to all others. They take responsibility for their own actions.


They understand their own culture and history and are willing to learn from others who are different.

They listen to different points of view and learn from them.


They are kind and respectful, and try not to hurt others' feelings.

They try to make a good difference in other people's lives and in the world.


They think about new things and then bravely try them out. They stand up for what they believe.


They understand that they need to use their body, brain, and feelings.


They think about what they have learned and done.

They know what they are good at and what they need to get better at.

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Mentalidad abierta Solidarios Audaces Equilibrados Reflexivos

The IB Learner Profile

The successful implementation of the IB Primary Years Programme depends on the culture and the ethos of the school. The values and attitudes of the school community are significant in shaping the future of its young people. In a school that has a commitment to the values inherent in the IB Learner Profile, these values will be readily apparent in classroom and assessment practices, the daily life, management and leadership of the school. The Learner Profile provides a shared vision that will encourage dialogue and collaboration among teachers and administrators about how to create the best environment for learning. Download a copy of the Learner Profile brochure.

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